5 Valentines Day Date Ideas To Turn You Both On

5 Valentines Day Date Ideas To Turn You Both On

Valentines Day is almost upon us and we know a lot of you will be trying to rack up ideas to make the day sexy and special for you and your partner. That’s why this week, we are looking at 5 Valentines Day Date Ideas To Turn You Both On. These aren’t exclusive to Valentines Day either, so use these date ideas to help spice up any date night.

Valentines Day Date Ideas - Stay In Bed with Sex ToysStay In

Valentines Day is often the busiest night of the year for a date, so why don’t you have a date night at home. Order takeout and spend the evening naked at home. Grab your favourite sex toys, or buy your partner something new and have a naughty evening. Play out a new fantasy. Masturbate together while watching porn, or use your mouth only to pleasure your partner and see how long you can last. You have nowhere to be, with no-one around so go wild.

Valentines Day Date Ideas - Make Out In CarMake Out In The Car

It’s great to get out for a date, away from all the normal responsibilities of life, but that’s not always possible. If you can’t get a babysitter, or get out of the house at all, then go old school. Take your partner to the car, get in the backseat and fool around like horny teenagers. Being in the car takes you away from the “normality” of the house, let’s you feel naughty and when you’re ready to really get at it, your own bed is only moments away.

Valentines Day Date Ideas - StripteaseDo a Striptease

Do you feel like your lingerie doesn’t get the attention it deserves as you’re always just ripping it off? Then why not show it off with a sexy striptease? Either before you go out, or when you get home, put on some sexy music and seduce your partner with a dance. You may feel a bit silly or self-conscious at first, but once you start stripping and your partner is drooling over you, that will quickly change. Your partner may want to throw you on the bed, but make them wait. Draw out the suspense and tease them till they can’t take it any longer.

Kink Up Your Date

Kinky doesn’t have to be chains and whips, or only limited to the bedroom. To spice up a date night, add a bit of kink in a more subtle way:

  • Suggest your partner doesn’t wear any underwear during your date
  • Have your partner wear a cock cage whilst you’re out and about and tease him all night to get him hard
  • Ask your partner to remove and bring you their underwear during a date
  • Have your partner go and masturbate in the bathroom during your date
  • Tease each other by suggesting to invite the waitress home with you. You don’t have to do or mean it, but it could be an exciting conversation to have
  • Both wear a butt plug for your date. You will not only feel naughty and turned on wearing it in public, but it will be hot knowing your partner is feeling the same thing as well!
  • Wear vibrating underwear and let your partner control it

Fifty Shades Freed Ive Got You Rechargeable Remote Control Egg with Remote ControllerGet Naughty In Public

Turn any date night into a naughty, sexy evening to remember by bringing a discreet toy for some naughty, secret fun. Vibrating panties, a love egg or a wearable vibrator are perfect date night toys. Hand the remote to your partner and let them tease you all night while you try and keep a straight face. You will be ripping each other’s clothes off by the time you get home!


Please remember that some, but not all surprises are fun. Before you pull a sexy surprise on your partner, make sure they’re keen. A brief conversation beforehand won’t ruin the mood, but an unwanted advance can. Consent is sexy. If you have any questions or want to know more, you can contact us on live chat, phone, social media or email.

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