A Look At Magic Wand Vibrators

A Look At Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic Wand Vibrators are taking the world by storm! Women in particular, but men as well are loving the intense stimulation they get from magic wands and they’re quickly becoming the must-have toy for singles and couples alike. In this post, we look at what makes magic wands so special and why everyone loves them so much.

Powerful Vibrations

Magic Wand Vibrators have become so popular with women because of the sheer power of their vibrations. Wands come with a large head, which usually bends slightly, providing a large surface area of targetted pleasure.  The large head, plus the bounds of power means you get out-of-this-world clitoral stimulation and intense orgasms!

Magic wands usually have at least two power settings so you can control your wand to give you just what you’re looking for, without it being overwhelming. Lower settings are quite manageable, but if you want the ride of your life, whack it up and enjoy vibrations that are considerably stronger than your other toys. Most wands come with a power plug so there is an endless amount of power that will never die down. You can, however, get rechargeable magic wands if you want a toy you can use anywhere. Just make sure you always have it charged and you have a toy for life. Rechargeable Wands are sometimes waterproof as well so bath time will never be the same.

Whilst magic wand vibrators are mainly used by women for clitoral stimulation, it can be used across all your pleasure zones and boys, that includes you too. Some even use wands to work out muscle tension, especially in the neck, back or shoulders as the vibrations enhance blood flow and help recovery.

Couples Play

Couple Using Magic WandMagic Wands are great for solo use, but they’re also the ideal toy for couples. They’re a lot of fun during foreplay and can be used across all of her, and his external erogenous zones. Many couples don’t let the fun stop there though, as it’s also a great toy to use during intercourse. The magic wand can provide targetted clitoral stimulation during intercourse that will give her intense orgasms and will enhance his orgasm as well for a mindblowing climax. If either of you is into squirting, rumour has it the wand will help you with that too!

Can Men Enjoy Magic Wands?

Magic Wand For MenWhilst magic wands have become particularly popular with women, that doesn’t mean men can’t jump on the bandwagon as well! A wand used during couples play will give both of you enhanced pleasure, but men can use them on their own as well. The powerful vibrations can feel amazing when used to stimulate the head, shaft and balls of the penis.

Time To Get Yours?

Holding Purple Doxy Die Cast Magic Wand MassagerMagic Wand vibrators are unique sex toys that come with endless pleasure and uses. Whether you’re using it alone or with a partner, these well-built toys will last use after use and never dip in power. They really are solid workhorses and they deserve a place in everyone’s toy collections.

Naughty Butt Nice stock a range of magic wand vibrators, with different features and settings. If you have any questions or want to know more to help you find the perfect wand, you can contact us on live chat, phone, social media or email.



Naughty Butt Nice stock a range of sex toys for men, women and both. Our expert team are on hand 24/7 to help with any questions, or to provide advice for the right toy for you so get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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