Common Sex Toy Materials

Common Sex Toy Materials

When you’re looking for a new sex toy, do you pay attention to the product descriptions? Adult toys are made of a range of materials, which affect their texture, flexibility and overall feel. It’s good to know what you’re putting in, on or around your body so we’re looking into the most common sex toy materials:


Rubber is an affordable, popular sex toy material, especially for dildos as it has a soft texture and flexible body. Like soft plastic, rubber is porous which makes it a bit more difficult to clean and not ideal for sharing. For good hygiene, we recommend cleaning your rubber toys with warm soapy water before and after each use. If you do want to share your rubber toys, use a condom for peace of mind.

Some rubber toys contain phthalates which is a chemical used to soften plastics and can be harmful, so look out for phthalate-free toys. The best place to store your rubber toys is in a cool, dark place. Keep them separate as contact with other rubber toys can cause damage. Like silicone and soft plastic toys, you should only use water-based lubes with your rubber toys.


Fifty Shades Darker Oh My Rabbit VibratorSilicone is a favourite when it comes to adult toys and for good reason. It is a smooth, non-porous material that can be soft or hard which is why it’s used for so many different toys. Its non-porous surface makes it easy to clean and silicone toys can be boiled, or washed in soap and water. If your toy has batteries or a power source, unless it’s waterproof, just wash with a damp soapy cloth or a toy cleaner spray.

Silicone sex toys are usually a little more expensive but they’re high quality and last a long time. The only word of caution would be that silicone-based lubes damage silicone toys, so make sure you only use water-based lubricants.

Soft Plastic “TPE/TPR”

Pink Double Penetration DildoTPE or TPR are soft plastic materials. They often offer a level of flexibility and feel more realistic, so it’s a great material for dildos. It’s a very affordable material that is usually latex-free, phthalate-free and non-toxic, so a strong contender when you’re looking for a new toy.

Soft plastic adult toys can be harder to clean because of their makeup and it’s difficult to fully sterilise them. Because of this, TPE and TPR toys should ideally only have one user. If you want to share your toy, use a condom for peace of mind. Just like silicone toys, you should only use water-based lubes.

Hard Plastic “ABS”

Purple Slimline G-Spot VibratorABS Plastic is commonly used for sex toys as it’s highly durable so it lasts longer, whilst still being incredibly affordable. This hard material is non-porous, so it’s easy to clean with soap and water, or a toy cleaner spray. You’re also safe to use any kind of lubricant with ABS plastic toys.

As it’s one of the harder sex toy materials, you will find the stimulation it provides may be stronger, but it may also be slightly louder, so only go for ABS toys if you have no prying ears. You can use any kind of lube with ABS plastic.


Colourful Textured Glass G-Spot DildoAn increasingly popular material for sex toys is glass due to its unique properties (like the fact it’s see-through). Glass is an extremely firm and smooth material and with its density, it’s a great choice for sensation play. Experiment with temperature play by cooling your glass sex toy in the fridge, or warming it in hot water before use for unique sensations. It’s safe to use any lubricant and cleaning is an easy chore as well. Wash with soapy water, boil or just put your glass toys in the dishwasher.

Stainless Steel

Small Metal Butt Plug with Purple JewelStainless steel isn’t just a material for bondage gear, it is a beautiful material that makes some very attractive sex toys. It is very firm, with a smooth texture and can be brushed, or polished. Like glass, stainless steel is an ideal material for temperature play and can retain a temperature for a good length of time. Stainless steel toys can be used with all lubricants and are easy to clean afterwards with warm soapy water. They can be fully sterilised by leaving them in boiling water after washing.


While we have discussed the main sex toy materials, adult toys come in a range of other materials as well. Each has its own characteristics and you will find there are some that you will gravitate towards. No matter which you prefer, clean and care for it as advised and you will have a toy that gives you a lot of enjoyment.


Naughty Butt Nice stock a range of sex toys for men, women and both. Our expert team are on hand 24/7 to help with any questions, or to provide advice for the right toy for you so get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


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