Different Types Of Dildos

Different Types Of Dildos

Dildos are generally described as sex toys that are shaped like an erect penis and they’re therefore one of the most popular types of sex toys available. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and materials and they fall into a range of categories. So this week, we are looking at the different types of dildos to help you find your perfect partner in crime.

Different Types Of DildosBrown Fatso Dildo

Realistic Dildos are anatomically correct and often made of soft, or lifelike “skin” materials. They usually feature veins in the shaft, a bold head and often a set of balls for added realism.



Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes G-Spot VibratorG-Spot Dildos are often less realistic, but they have a very particular focus. They feature a bold curve in the shaft which is designed to target stimulation to your g-spot.

Realistic Purple Dildo with Suction Cup



Suction Cup Dildos feature a suction cup at the base, which lets you stick it to any smooth surface for hands-free fun. You can stick it to the floor for seated riding fun, or stick it to a wall for doggy style action.


Realistic Double Ended DildoDouble-Ended Dildos are often realistically designed and feature penis-shaped heads on either end of the shaft. They’re great for solo double penetration of the vagina and ass or share it with a partner for couples penetration.


Purple Twist Strap-on Dildo in a harnessStrap-On Dildos are the perfect toys for lesbian couples looking for penetrative sex, or couples who enjoy pegging. The dildo secures to a strap-on harness for hands-free penetration.


Colourful Textured Glass G-Spot DildoGlass Dildos provide a solid, hard texture for amazing stimulation. As they’re clear, they also add sensory delight as they’re gorgeous toys. You can warm up, or cool down glass dildos for unique sensations.


Black Anal Bead DildoAnal Dildos should have a flared base for safety as it prevents the toy from being over-inserted. They come in all shapes and sizes, often featuring bead shapes and are made from a range of materials.


How To Use A Dildo

How you use your dildo is all up to personal preference. Whether you’re using it alone or using it with a partner, experiment and find what pleasures you the most. The main techniques are:

  • Shallow penetration which stimulates the entrance of the vagina where most of the nerve endings are
  • Deep penetration that penetrates the whole length of the vagina. This is most similar to real sex and is especially pleasurable with textured dildos
  • Anal penetration. This can be done slowly or fast, just remember to use lots of anal lube.


Naughty Butt Nice stock a huge variety of dildos including all of the above with free delivery on all orders. We are always on hand to help, so contact us any time if you have any questions or need further inspiration.

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