How To Take Good Nudes And Sexy Photos

How To Take Good Nudes And Sexy Photos

National Send Nudes Day is coming up on the 18th April so we thought it would be useful to write a post with Hints and Tips for How To Take Good Nudes And Sexy Photos.

Sending your lover sexy naked photos can be empowering and a massive turn on, building tension while you wait to see each other. It can, however, be difficult to get a good shot where you feel sexy and confident enough to press send, so we hope this list of tips will help your sexy photography endeavours:

  1. Before you start snapping, think about which angles best show off your favourite features. Go through some old photos on your phone, which ones do you look best in? This is a great starting point and will boost your confidence. Take practice pictures to see how you look so you can save putting effort into photos you won’t use later.
  2. Get horny first! Being in the right mood will make you feel sexy and help you take sexier photos. Have some me time, watch some of your favourite porn or enjoy some sexting beforehand to warm up. Maybe check out some examples of other peoples naked photos which will put you in the mood and give you some great ideas.
  3. Practice poses in front of the mirror before you start taking pictures. This saves heaps of time and lets you practice poses and play with outfit choices for the perfect pictures.
  4. Put thought into what you’re going to wear (if anything). Choose a sexy lingerie set, corset, bodysuit, or stockings. The right outfit can hide any of your imperfections while drawing attention to your best assets.
  5. Spice things up even more with some sexy fetish wear. Lingerie or total nudes are popular, so the surprise of some latex or a whip will definitely have your partner’s heart racing. And how hot would it be to be the reason for a new fantasy?
  6. Wear a pair of heels or sexy boots as they will instantly improve your posture. High heels make your legs look longer and leaner and they enhance your booty.
  7. Showcase your best assets by using natural light wherever possible. Take photos near a window or bright part of your room during the day. If you’re sexting at night, place a light near you but not above you as overhead light can create undesired shadows.
  8. Use the self-timer on your phone. Close up photos are sexy, but don’t disregard the rest of your body. Place your camera in a safe spot with a good view and use the longest available self-timer so you have time to get into your poses. Legs spread open or being bent over are very sexy poses that will drive your partner wild. Selfie sticks can also be a useful aid.
  9. Don’t send nudes to someone you don’t trust, you never know what they could do with them. If you’re still at the early stages of a relationship, avoid any identifying features such as your face or recognisable tattoos. Take photos from the neck down, or consider tools like FacePixelizer which can pixelate your face to protect your privacy.
  10. Protect your photos from hackers by disabling photo backups on your phone.
  11. Don’t leave nudes on your phone, especially if you often show friends or family your photostream. It makes for a very awkward situation if someone stumbles across you spread eagle when they’re expecting to just see your holiday snaps.

Sending naked photos is super hot and we hope that this post has helped show you how to take good nudes and sexy photos that will drive your partner crazy.

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