Sex Myths That Need Busting

Sex Myths That Need Busting

Some of us believe some weird, bad and plain wrong things about sex. Culture, societal pressures and a lack of sex education mixed with the internet certainly don’t help. Sex is something we often don’t talk or really think about till moments before we start the naked dance and that needs to change. One way to have better sex is to squash the myths around sex, foreplay and what people may or may not want, so this week we are looking at some of the sex myths that need busting.

Porn Is Realistic

Pizza DeliveryThis is probably one of the biggest sex myths that need busting! Porn covers every possible sex act imaginable (including some you couldn’t even make up), but it needs to be remembered that it is produced by professional actors and it does not resemble real life. Have you ever not been able to pay for a pizza, but had sex with the delivery man and “all is forgotten”. Exactly.

Another important thing to remember is that whilst a certain type of porn might get you off, it may not do the same for your partner. Anal porn, for example, may really excite you, but try and stick it into your partners bum without consent and you will get an elbow to the face at the least.

Porn can be a great tool for solo pleasure or couples play, but discuss it with your partner first. Discuss what you like, don’t like and what you’d like to try but remember that it’s fantasy so manage your expectations. And please don’t use it as your sexual education!

Everyone Wants Sex

A lot of people enjoy sex, some more than others, but not everyone. Some like it all the time, for some it should be for special occasions only and some people aren’t interested in it at all. Some people are asexual, which means that whilst they don’t hate sex, they’re just not interested in it or having it.

Everyone’s sex drive is different and we need to understand that. Some people may love sex and enjoy it often, but just not right now. Sleep-deprived parents, people under a lot of stress or those caring for a loved one may have a high sex drive, but sometimes life gets in the way and therefore sex loses its place in their list of priorities. If you’re in a relationship where you have a high sex drive, but your partner doesn’t, like all things you should talk about it. Compromise is a great thing and you can both be satisfied, but you each need to understand the needs and wants of the other partner.

Penetration Is The Only Way To Have SexLicking Banana

Most people think that the only way to have sex is through penetration, penis into the vagina. This is not the case and also isn’t always possible. Maybe neither partner has a penis, or your partner suffers from erectile dysfunction. Sex is a lot more than solely penetration. Oral sex, fingering, handjobs, scissoring and using toys are all awesome alternatives that can leave you just as satisfied, sometimes even more so.

Everyone Likes The Same Thing

It is starting to become less common for people to think that everyone likes the same things when it comes to sex, but there are still some to believe this to be true. Often you may think that because your last partner liked a certain position or activity, that your new partner will too. This is not the case. We are all different and therefore like different things. One woman may love clitoral stimulation, whilst another only likes penetration. One man may love you playing with his ass, whilst another may hate it. People also don’t always enjoy the same fantasies or kinks.

For every new sexual partner, you have an opportunity to learn their sexual preferences and them, yours. You may in the process learn new flavours of sex that then become your preferences. Like with all things sex-related, communication is key and some experimentation doesn’t hurt either.

Getting Off Is All That Matters

At Naughty Butt Nice, our business is your pleasure so getting you off is one of our main aims. Whilst orgasms are amazing however, they are not the only important thing when it comes to sex. Sex and naughty play can enhance intimacy and trust, let you feel closer to your partner and enjoy learning what each of you likes. Your communication can improve and exploring each others body is a lot of fun, so please don’t let the big O be your only goal. As they say, life isn’t a destination, it’s a journey and sex is a very fun journey.

You Shouldn’t Need Sex Toys

There are some who believe the use of sex toys is only for people who don’t have a partner. This is so wrong! Whilst you may not “need” sex toys, toys can add new sensations and fun to an already great thing. Yes, there are toys specifically made for men, or for women that can be great for masturbation, but no-one said that is where their use should stop. We stock a huge range of Couples Toys that are the perfect addition to sex.

Sex toys let you stimulate parts of your body during sex to make it even better. Anal toys such as a butt plug can be great during penetrative sex, as can a vibrator on your clitoris. Cock rings can help him last longer while increasing pleasure for both of you. Sex can become routine after a while so the use of toys or bondage gear can really spice things up and keep the fire alight.


Sex is a fundamental human function, like eating and sleeping. Yet, many people are still ignorant about what it is and isn’t. Reversing even some of the sex myths you’ve learned from society and media can result in much better, safer and more satisfying sex. Remember, the key is communication and consent and working out what works for you.

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